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Bansir Cloud is a fast growing company self-financed profitable and distributed worldwide. To maintain our focus on being leaders in packaging applications and offering them to our clients on various cloud platforms.

For Developers and DevOps. With the trust of DevOps.

Bansir Cloud makes it easy to get your favorite open source software up and running on any platform and all major clouds. In addition to popular community offerings, it is continuously maintained and can be customized for your organizational policies.


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Bansir Cloud is the industry leader in application packaging. From our roots in creating Windows and Linux installers for thousands of ISVs at Bitrock to helping users deploy over 1 million applications per month as the premier supplier of ready-to-run virtual machines and cloud images to the world's leading cloud providers, Bansir Cloud has never wavered from our mission to make awesome software available to everyone.

Bansir Cloud continues that mission today by lowering the barrier to adoption for anyone to deploy and maintain a full spectrum of server applications, development stacks and infrastructure applications in virtually any format they desire. From non-technical users looking to launch a business application or web hosting environment to enterprise developers looking to accelerate development or automate cloud migration, Bansir Cloud has a solution that can meet your application packaging needs.

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What Clients Say About Our Company

“I’ve tried using different softwares. The computer is not my strong side. There is excellent support behind Bansir Cloud and people to walk you through it. If you have any questions, they’ll go over that and explain to you how to do that”.

Katlyn Moree

“It’s really helped us grow. I can keep all of the customer’s information in there so if I need to look up something in the future or call them for a follow up, I have all of that there, so it’s really helped us organize the whole business”.

Erick Skinner

“There’s no way we could have hired this many people and gotten so much business had we not had all of those back office systems figured out. It’s been easier growing our company with a system that is so easy and scalable”.

Amy Hope

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